Greg Usek

Platinum Awarded Music Producer

In his lifetime of notable achievements in the music business, Greg´s experience ranges from engineering, to record production, with combined sales approaching 20 million units. He has produced, co-produced and engineered hit records and worked with legends on both sides of the studio glass.

Raised in Austria, Greg got his start in the business as a vocal-/hip-hop-/rock & dance-producer. His mixes and productions drew the attention of DJ/producer team 7th District Inc., who hired him to engineer, vocal- and co-produce their songs. He started co-producing Tina Turner´s Single-Remix „When The Heartache Is Over“ for EMI UK, which gained first international attention on his work.

That time UK-EMI/Parlophone Head of A&R, Miles Leonard recruited Greg (as part of 7th District Inc. production team) to produce, vocal produce, co-arrange & engineer Kylie Minogue´s come back Single „Spinning Around“, which went straight N°1 in UK and was a massive hit all over the globe.

Greg´s debut effort made him an internationally acclaimed music-producer and productions for most of the major record labels followed.

e.g.: productions for Universal Music (Vanessa Amorosi, Enrique Iglesias, Atomic Kitten), GUT Records (Tom Jones & Heather Small), BMG, Sony Music, Columbia – just to name a few. Greg also has been awarded „best producer“ together with 7th District Inc. (Austrian Amadeus Award).


As well as his Pop music credits Greg is also well respected as a producer for electronic club/house and downbeat music. For almost a decade Greg has done productions and remixes together with and for his long time side-kick, platinum awarded Producer & House-DJ Sergio Manoel Flores.

„Rosa Nova“ with French singer Hanna Hais, was one of the most hyped club-tunes in 2004 and was released by the legendary House Label Defected. By remixing & producing for the likes of Bob Sinclair, Balze feat. Barbara Tucker, Junior Jack, Milk & Sugar, Spiller etc., the austrian duo became one of the most respected names in the dancefloor community.


In 2003 Greg and his downbeat production partner Mickey Moog released the album „Analogue“ under the moniker Vienna DC (c+p Columbia). „Analogue“ marked one of the most hyped milestones in the downbeat scene nationwide and gains listeners of this genre until today.


Greg´s journey in music also led him to the US West-Coast where he teamed up with Grammy nominated and multi platinum awarded music-producer Peter Wolf for two productions. They started their cooperation with an Albert Hammond/Peter Wolf song called „I Just Love Beeing A Girl“.

And Greg re-produced Peter Wolf´s red cross charity song „The Greatest Stories Are Never Told“ by „Red Cross Volunteers“ with participation of Udo Lindenberg, Christina Stürmer, Bobby Mc Ferrin, The Commodores, Lou Bega, Paul Young and many more. 

In 2006 Greg supported the aids charity event Life Ball and took care of the Orchestral Recordings with the „Wiener Sinfonie Orchester“ for the Life Ball Song „Everything Can Change“ by Rebekka Baken.

One Year later, Greg co-wrote and produced the official Life Ball Song 2007 „Get Alive“ sung by Eric Papilaya, which was released by Universal. The Song hit the top 10 and was the biggest sucess in 20 years history of Life Ball songs so far. 

Along the way he moved and rebuilt the highly credited map-studio to the south of Vienna where he does most of his production. Parts of the old studio equipment (Console, Rec. Facilities, etc.) were requested by the federal government of austria to be placed under a preservation order. In future, this equipment will be exposed at „Technisches Museum“ in Vienna claiming cultural and technical interest for the austrian music history. 

“You can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you stay to your roots and ideas while beeing disciplined,” says Greg, the driven and dedicated music-producer, a cross-over producer who continues to explore new musical terrain, while adventurously expanding his musical palette.